Trump Receives Hero’s Welcome In Haley’s South Carolina

Former President Donald Trump invaded rival Nikki Haley’s backyard Saturday and wowed the crowd at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. The 2024 Republican frontrunner joined enthusiastic fans at the annual Palmetto Bowl showdown between Clemson and South Carolina.

Trump was greeted with loud cheering from the tens of thousands in attendance at the college football regular season finale.

Try to imagine the response from the crowd if President Joe Biden exited the tunnel and waved.

Trump was hailed by a raucous UFC audience recently at Madison Square Garden. The former president wowed the gathering along with singer Kid Rock and conservative megastar Tucker Carlson, and fans boisterously showed their appreciation for the 2024 GOP frontrunner.

But Saturday’s welcome came from the Deep South, and it was as loud and wild as anyone could have predicted.

Cheers and applause rang out across the stadium as tens of thousands breathlessly expressed their support for the 45th president. As he was about to enter, chants of “USA!” could be heard throughout the enormous crowd.

Others were yelling “We want Trump!”

This was hardly a welcome sign for the former South Carolina governor. Haley picked up momentum against her rivals after a recent positive debate performance.

However, she still trails Trump by an insurmountable margin with the primary season looming just after the new year. And the Clemson alumna and trustee did not attend the state’s biggest sporting event of the year Saturday night.

Trump, an avid sports fan, has been a regular at college football games over the past several years. He attended an Iowa State matchup in September and made appearances before raucous crowds at several SEC venues.

Despite — or more likely because of — Trump’s popularity with everyday Americans, Democrats are attempting to litigate him out of next year’s presidential race. He is currently withstanding four indictments handed down by radical leftist prosecutors.

There are also multiple efforts to strip him from the ballots in key states on dubious grounds. The good news is that courts are rightly ruling that these attempts to disenfranchise the voters are blatantly unconstitutional.

If Saturday in South Carolina is any indication, Democrats must find new tricks to deter Donald Trump.