Tucker Carlson Decries West’s Erasure Of Women

Tucker Carlson had choice words this week for the effort in Ireland to erase the words “mother” and “woman” from the Constitution. Voters are going to the polls to decide on this radical change, not coincidentally on International Women’s Day.

Carlson spoke with Laoise de Brun, founder of The Countess. Her group represents the rights and interests of Irish women in the face of growing leftist attempts to erase them.

The commentator noted seismic shifts afoot in Ireland. “They want to change the way that women are described in the Constitution because they call the language misogynistic. So they’re going to liberate more women in Ireland, get ready for slavery, because that’s what it usually means.”

The current Constitution recognizes the value of motherhood to society.

It reads, “The state shall therefore endeavor to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged, by economic necessity, to engage in labor to neglect their duties at home.”

Carlson noted that if it were a hundred years ago and cotton mills were trying to entice girls and women to work instead of having a family, people would not have called that progressive. Instead, women are pushed toward giving up child-bearing for “some crappy wage for some huge company.”

Women’s advocate de Brun wholeheartedly agreed that the feminist movement has been a detriment to true freedom for females.

She explained that women are told to “act like a man, behave like a man, pretend you don’t have periods, miscarriages. You don’t give birth. You don’t gestate, you don’t lactate. And that was equality.”

de Brun then added, “ I don’t think that has served women one bit. I think it’s been a lie.”

Carlson further explained that the liberal quest to have all women in the workforce is carried out by the same people attempting to flood the country with foreigners. They also seek to erase the dominant culture and instead succumb to a third-world hegemony.

The host asked, “Is it the same people who are changing Ireland’s population with immigration, trying to convince the people who are born there not to have kids.”

This, Carlson noted, is obviously an attempt to persuade the native population to reject family life.