Tucker Carlson Slams DOJ Plea Deal With Hunter Biden

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently released an episode of his Twitter show concerning Hunter Biden after he agreed to a plea deal to avoid jail time.

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, reportedly agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and will receive probation and must pay his overdue taxes. He must now enter a diversion program for lying on a federal form when applying for a gun license.

According to Politico, Hunter will not receive any jail time. Such news was met with relief in the White House.

“This morning Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to pretty much nothing. Biden pled to two misdemeanor tax evasion charges then entered a diversion on a federal gun charge. That’s it. As far as Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is concerned Hunter Biden is done,” Carlson said on the show.

“There was no pre-dawn raid carried out live simultaneously on CNN, there was no perp walk, no handcuffs, no press conference. Above all there was no felony. Hunter Biden who broke federal gun laws can still carry a gun. It’s like it all never happened,” Carlson added.

Carlson emphasized that Hunter received special treatment because he is the president’s son. He said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “just baptized Hunter Biden. A lifetime of sin washed away in an instant.”

“It was a secular miracle,” he claimed. “Most miraculous of all, Hunter Biden somehow escaped a FARA charge,” he added, referring to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which he noted is selectively applied against political enemies.

Carlson accused Hunter of being a “foreign agent.” He said Hunter provided his father and lawmakers access to the Chinese and Ukrainians and countries worldwide.

“There’s no debate about that. The FBI has known about it for years,” Carlson said. “For years, they’ve had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, but they didn’t charge them for it today. They never will.”

“Why?” Carlson asked. “Well, you know the answer. Hunter Biden has good genes.”
Hunter’s plea agreement does not address the serious allegations against him, many of which are currently being investigated by House Republicans.