Washington DC Christmas Decorating Does Not Go Smoothly

As leaders in Washington, D.C., begin decorating the Capitol for Christmas, their plans have been disrupted by forces of nature and radical leftist protesters — leading critics to mock the Biden administration over the “symbolism” of the failure to even get Christmas decorating done well.

The initial Capitol Christmas Tree lighting on Tuesday went well, with newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) ensuring that the true meaning of Christmas was mentioned during the ceremony.

“This tree represents so much of what makes America great,” Johnson said. “It also signifies, of course, the beginning of this season of Christmas and the birth of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His birth is the reason for the season.”

He went on to urge that the crowd not “lose sight of that fact” — ensuring that the ceremony had a less secular tone than last year when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the Christmas tree was a “symbol of our nation’s strengths of beauty, diversity and unity.”

Johnson then introduced fourth grader Ethan Reese, who won an essay contest to speak at the ceremony and receive the honor of hitting the switch to light the Christmas tree.

However, the White House couldn’t even keep its National Christmas Tree in place long enough to hold a lighting ceremony — as high winds on Tuesday afternoon caused the tree to fall to the ground. As Red State argued, “it’s Joe Biden time, where there seems to be drama and problems with everything — even normal Christmas traditions.”

The roughly 40-foot fall spruce from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia was ultimately lifted back into place before the lighting ceremony, which is scheduled for Thursday, but not before critics mocked the Biden administration over the incident on social media.

Radio host Mike Gallagher argued that the tree falling over was a “metaphor” for the Biden administration.

Podcast host Mike Sperazza asserted that it proved that the Biden administration “can’t even get the little things right” — such as properly securing the Christmas tree so it couldn’t fall over.

“It’s a demonstration of what’s going to happen to the country if he gets reelected in 2024,” Right Angle News Network predicted.

The fallen tree was not the only issue with efforts to celebrate Christmas in Washington, D.C. — as anti-Israel protesters reportedly showed up to the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting.

Despite a ceasefire already being in place, the radical activists were heard chanting “ceasefire now” and declaring Israel a “racist state.” Israel has abided by the temporary ceasefire, while Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops have already been attacked by Hamas terrorists during the pause in fighting, which will end later this week.


Several anti-Israel activists were reportedly arrested during the event on Tuesday.