White House Blames Border Skirmish On Abbott, Trump

The White House fired back at Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and former President Donald Trump on Friday in response to the video of a border skirmish that broke out between migrants and Texas National Guard personnel on Thursday.

Jennie Taer, a reporter with the New York Post, said she witnessed around 600 migrants amassed between official crossing points at the international border, who the Texas National Guard were attempting to push back in small groups. A group of men with hoodies, gloves and winter jackets then pull the fencing away as a group of five guards formed a defensive position to fill the gap. Additional reinforcements were able to push back the migrants and detain those suspected of assaulting the Guard personnel.

The Daily Caller reports that White House Press Secretary Karinne Jean-Pierre thanked the U.S. Border Patrol during Friday’s press briefing for their quick work to get the situation under control. She then called on Abbott to address the southern border crisis.

“What I can say is this: I really truly believe that’s a question for the Republican governor of Texas. Right? This is something he should address. The president has worked with Congress and the Senate about getting an immigration bill done, making sure that we deal with the border challenges, that we are now seeing,” Jean-Pierre said.

Before the briefing, a different White House spokesperson had also blamed the incident on Trump’s opposition to the recent immigration legislation that failed in the Senate. Conservatives in both chambers believed did not go far enough in addressing the root causes of the immigration surge.

Abbott posted an update on X (formerly Twitter) that said more razor wire had been installed and more Texas National Guard soldiers deployed in El Paso today.

“We continue to redouble and reinforce our efforts. Texas will keep taking historic action to protect our state—and our nation—from Biden’s disastrous open border policies,” he said.

Taer posted an update on X yesterday saying that the Texas Guard confiscated knives from migrants who rushed the border, one tried to grab a Guardsman’s gun. Texas authorities are reviewing video to determine which migrants were involved & are weighing state charges.