Yellen: Households Under Biden’s Economy ‘Generally’ In ‘Good Shape’

Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen ran interference for her beleaguered boss in a CNBC interview released Monday. She claimed that “we’ve got a good, strong economy” that is supported by powerful demand and producing households that “are in very good financial shape.”

Perhaps Yellen has not been to the grocery store or put gas in her car in recent months.

She made an exception for “some low-income consumers” who are suffering “a little bit more distress at the household level.” Yellen said they may have gone through their savings amassed during the pandemic

Democrats are increasingly livid over the American people not buying into the party rhetoric concerning the economy. As families struggle with skyrocketing daily expenses, the White House uses skewed data to make the case for Biden’s financial successes.

Only, the achievements touted by liberals are only smoke and mirrors.

Take the loud pronouncements of job creation. Democrats are furious over the news that the vast majority of these positions are merely part-time work that would normally be done by a high school student.

They also worry over such obvious economic factors as gas prices rising yet again, even before the traditional summer travel season increases.

Biden’s inflation took the steam out of a positive stock market run and kept lucky investors at break-even. And high interest rates mean that people are upside down in their vehicles and making vastly elevated mortgage payments.

Democrats want to dictate how Americans view the economy, but that is an intensely personal issue that is not subject to political mantras. Evidence is presented daily at the gas pump and in the grocery store checkout line.

It doesn’t take a financial expert to see how high prices are elevated for the essentials of daily life.

People intrinsically know when their paychecks don’t go as far as they used to. They don’t need a misinformed White House spokesperson to explain to them why they are struggling at the end of every month.

And the public is certainly not convinced by the administration’s mainstream media partners telling them how well off they really are.

It would be insulting if anyone still had respect for the source.