Biden’s CBP One App Scam Throws Border Wide Open

The Biden White House is engaged in trickery that wants the American public to believe that the administration is addressing the unprecedented flood of illegal migrants into the U.S. This feat was supposedly accomplished through the new CBP One app program.

Only, it is just more sleight of hand.

The program is designed to “pre-approve” migrants before they step onto U.S. soil. This way, they are not counted as “encounters” and bean counters at Customs and Border Protection may claim that apprehensions are down.

They are not. Instead, a swarm of almost 360,000 illegal migrants have been processed for entry to the U.S. through this controversial app. That’s on top of the record-breaking deluge that has poured across the nation’s southern border.

More than 806,000 illegals have entered since the start of the new fiscal year in October, according to the CBP. That’s a staggering 66,000 more than the same period last year.

So, exactly how is the CBP One app assisting in border control and protecting national security? The simple answer is, it is not.

According to the CBP, the administration is now allowing an incredible 1,450 migrants into the U.S. every day just through the app. That’s up from the initial 1,000 per day that was soon raised to 1,250.

In November alone, the CBP reported that 43,000 individuals were processed at U.S. ports of entry using the app. The leading nationalities benefiting from the federal service are Haitian, Mexican and Venezuelan.

Acting CBP Commissioner Troy Miller released a statement during last summer’s changes. He claimed that “by utilizing innovative technologies like CBP One, we are improving the delivery of our homeland security mission and providing for safe and effective processes at ports of entry.”

But Republican lawmakers are not buying that line of thinking.

Instead, they note that the app merely offers window dressing to artificially lower the number of border “encounters.” Even with this latest accounting trickery, the total still reached record levels.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) ridiculed CBP One as a “concierge service” for illegal migrants.

And Center for Immigration Studies fellow Todd Bensman noted the app created an “illusion [that] would impress Harry Houdini.”