Family Mourns Loss Of Boeing Whistleblower Joshua Dean Following Sudden Illness

The family of Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor at Boeing who raised concerns about manufacturing defects is mourning his unexpected death at the age of 45. Dean passed away on Tuesday morning after battling a sudden illness that left him in critical condition for two weeks.

According to his mother Virginia Green Dean was diagnosed with Influenza B and MRSA which quickly developed into pneumonia. He was airlifted from a hospital in Wichita Kansas to a facility in Oklahoma City but despite medical intervention, he could not be saved.

“He tested positive for influenza B he tested positive for MRSA. He had pneumonia his lungs were completely filled up. And from there he just went downhill,” Green said.

Dean’s family described him as a healthy and active individual who rarely drank attended church regularly and went to the gym nearly every day. “This was his first time ever in a hospital,” Green noted. “He didn’t even have a doctor because he never was sick.”

The night before Dean’s death medical staff performed a bronchoscopy on his lungs. “The doctor said he’d never seen anything like it before in his life. His lungs were just totally … gummed up and like a mesh over them,” Green recounted.

The family has requested an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Dean’s death. “We’re not sure what he died of,” Green said. “We know that he had a bunch of viruses. But you know we don’t know if somebody did something to him or did he just get real sick.”