Biden’s Niece Directed Hunter To Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund

President Joe Biden’s niece, Casey Owens, reportedly provided information to Hunter Biden on the China Investment Corporation (CIC). This came as she worked in the Treasury Department while the senior Biden was vice president in the Obama administration.

CIC is China’s largest sovereign wealth fund. Owens emailed details to both the VP’s son and the other president of his now-defunct firm.

The Biden connections to Communist China and the flow of money into family coffers is even deeper than previously known. Owens at the time was a special assistant for the United States-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue at the Treasury Department.

Hunter Biden received the information along with Rosemont Advisors president and longtime business partner Eric Schwerin. The firm attempted to attract investment from CIC.

It was April 12, 2010, when Owens emailed Hunter and Schwerin with a schedule from a CIC conference that was held two weeks earlier. “FYI on recent CIC investment conference at a resort in Sanya, on Hainan Island, over the weekend of March 27-28.”

A press release from the Thornton Group that same day revealed that the company’s chairman, James Bulger, and the vice president’s son were in Beijing just three days earlier.

A Republican Senate report released in Sept. 2020 confirmed the two met with CIC Chief Investment Officer Gao Xiqing.

Just a month after the email, the Tower Hill Bulletin published an article detailing the visit to Beijing made by Owens and her team. They were part of a delegation led by Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner.

After she returned from China, Owens sent Schwerin an article from Bloomberg News concerning CIC. The piece, titled “China’s CIC May Post Record Year for 2009 as Markets Recover,” was then forwarded to Hunter on July 23, 2010.

Less than two weeks later, Schwerin introduced Owens to Meridian Investments Vice Chairman Jack Casey through an email. Schwerin identified her as working in the Treasury Department on the Strategic Economic Dialogue.

He concluded, “Feel free to reach out to hear directly, she’s expecting to hear from you.”

A source familiar with Rosemont Seneca related to Fox News Digital that Owens was likely providing Hunter’s company with important intel. This would increase their chances of getting investment funds from CIC.

Devon Archer, another longtime Hunter Biden associate who recently gave explosive testimony to House investigators, became involved in setting up a meeting with CIC. He and Hunter visited China to meet with the group in April 2011, according to the New York Post.

At the time, CIC had over $332 billion in assets.