Criticism Explodes After Illegals Complain About Cold US Weather

Guests, especially uninvited ones, should refrain from fretting about conditions the host must also endure. But many illegal migrants are loudly complaining about the recent cold wave, and social media erupted in derision.

The whining included African migrants at the border who readily confessed they are not asylum seekers. Rather, they want to reach New York City and find employment.

After all, the metropolis is one of many that declared themselves “sanctuaries” for the millions welcomed across Biden’s open borders. Only now, they cry that they are “full.”

It was just last month when the New York Post revealed that illegal migrants housed at the Roosevelt Hotel were dissatisfied with the complementary food provided through a contractor. Thousands of uneaten meals were discarded daily.

Free food, clothing and shelter await newcomers, but apparently so does inclement weather. And that’s too much for many who are protesting the bitter cold that Americans all across the nation are dealing with.

X, formerly Twitter, had a field day with such pronouncements. The deluge was seemingly triggered by End Wokeness, which posted a video reporting that “illegals are now complaining that American winters are too cold.”

The responses were fast and furious. Many echoed the simple sentiment of “Solution: Go back to where you came from.” Others assisted with directions, telling those dissatisfied with the weather to “head back to the equator. Simple.”

X user Paul A. Szypula explained the situation in more detail. “Illegals are just like Democrats — full of self-entitlement. They think the world owes them everything including good weather. This just further proves how these criminals are a cancer on our society.”

Szypula clarified he meant both illegals and Democrats.

Still another re-emphasized that they should kindly return to their point of origin. “Seriously, I can’t stand them complaining after invading our country.”

Platform user Anthony Hughes noted that they were fed falsehoods by those attempting to fill the country with third world refugees. “It’s because they were lied to and they refuse to accept the fact that we don’t have the resources to help them for a lifetime.”

One amateur meteorologist wished for “the coldest winter in recorded history.”