Kanye West Tops Taylor Swift For Top Spotify Ranking

Singer Taylor Swift, who could influence the 2024 presidential election, was recently knocked out of the top spot by rapper Kanye West on Spotify.

West successfully edged out Swift on Spotify’s rankings, with the rapper’s album, “VULTURES,” being the reason for his success. The song reached the top spot on the Daily

Top Artist Global chart of the Spotify music platform, pushing Swift from the highest rank.

The Western Journal pointed out that, for West, succeeding Swift on Spotify is an accomplishment, given reports alleging that the singer wanted to kick him out of the Super Bowl. One of West’s associates dismissed such reports.

West’s success over Swift didn’t last long since the singer pushed the rapper back into the second-highest Spotify ranking on Feb. 12, 2024, and Feb. 13, 2024.

Reports show that West and Swift don’t necessarily have a favorable relationship with one another.

During the recent Super Bowl, former National Football League (NFL) receiver Brandon Marshall alleged that West deliberately positioned himself in camera shots that would be pointed toward Swift. As a result, the singer had West removed from the stadium.

Such allegations were struck down by a source close to West at the music-based magazine HipHopDX, who said the rapper remained in the stadium even toward the end of the Super Bowl.

The rapper even paid $7 million for an advertisement during the Super Bowl to sell his Yeezy Pods, which are socks and shoes.

Issues between West and Swift date back to 15 years ago, when the rapper interrupted the singer’s acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards, according to the Western Journal.

Swift’s name has consistently made headlines amid her relationship with NFL Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reports indicate that the singer could play a major role in the 2024 presidential election, with Americans saying they would support the presidential contender she endorses.

An endorsement by the singer would sway 20% of American voters, according to Valuetainment. In 2020, Swift endorsed then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. She has been a vocal supporter of the LGBT community and has spoken out against the “horrors” of climate change, despite repeatedly using a private jet as transportation.