Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Home ‘Swatted’ On Christmas

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) home was reportedly “swatted” on Christmas, meaning that a person maliciously called in a fake emergency at the Georgia congresswoman’s home in order to provoke a heavy-handed police response that has the potential to kill the victim of the swatting.

While many believe “swatting” to be a prank, the consequences of provoking a heavily armed SWAT team to storm the victim’s home can be deadly, as was the case in the infamous 2017 Wichita swatting that led to police shooting and killing 28-year-old Andrew Finch at his front door. Thus, swatting has been viewed as an act of attempted murder.

Greene announced the latest swatting attempt at her home in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter on Monday, Christmas Day.

“I was just swatted. This is like the 8th time. On Christmas with my family here. My local police are the GREATEST and shouldn’t have to deal with this. I appreciate them so much and my family and I are in joyous spirits celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!” she wrote.

A spokesperson for the police department in Rome, Georgia, told The Hill that they had received multiple phone calls through a crisis hotline in both Rome, New York, and Rome, Georgia, that requested emergency services at Greene’s home. Authorities also noted that they had made contact with Greene’s security team after receiving the calls to determine whether there was a real emergency.

“While en route to the address, personnel with the Rome (GA) Police Department coordinated with Greene’s security detail to ensure her safety as well as determine that there was in fact no emergency at the address,” the spokesperson told the outlet.

Greene has been the victim of more than a half dozen swattings at her home since Summer 2022, with at least one of the callers claiming that they were upset about her position on so-called “transgender rights.”

The swatting attempts have even branched out to Greene’s appearances on podcasts, as YouTuber and journalist Tim Pool’s studio was swatted right after Greene appeared on his show, which he believed was related to her appearance.