Pro-Trans Activists Threaten School Board President’s Life

In a troubling violent show of open hostility, pro-transgender activists have issued death threats to Sonja Shaw, president of the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Board of Education in Riverside County, California. The threats arose following the board’s decision to adopt a parental notification policy regarding students’ decisions to transition gender.

Shaw, who spearheaded the initiative, has since received chilling threats of violence against her, her children, and even her pets. An anonymous phone call placed the day after the policy decision carried the explicit intent to kill Shaw and dismember her body. Later, her district email account was flooded with threats stating her children and animals would also meet deadly ends.

In an interview with “Washington Watch With Tony Perkins,” Shaw expressed gratitude for the swift action local law enforcement took following the threats. She also mentioned that members of Antifa had “declared war” on her.

The new policy adopted by CVUSD requires school personnel to notify parents if a student expresses the desire to transition genders, change pronouns or names, or use facilities that do not correspond with their biological gender. This decision drew immediate backlash from various quarters, with critics launching an aggressive campaign against Shaw and other board members.

In particular, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond voiced strong objections during a school board meeting, warning that the policy might inevitably trample student privacy laws and put children at risk. Shaw ultimately ejected him from the meeting for refusing to abide by the rules of decorum.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has not shied away from expressing his disdain for CVUSD’s decision, accusing the board members of prioritizing political agendas over their duty to educate students. Yet, Shaw remains steadfast, arguing that state officials, under the guise of political correctness, are attempting to curtail parental rights and silence dissent against their policies.

Shaw told Breitbart News that California had no legal grounds to oppose parents’ right to know if their children wanted to transition to another gender. She firmly stated that state officials tried to intimidate local authorities into toeing their line.

A statement from the Coalition for Parental Rights commended Shaw and the CVUSD board for the new policy, emphasizing that it recognizes parents’ crucial role in their children’s mental and emotional well-being. It stressed that hiding gender dysphoria from parents does not benefit the children and may in fact harm them. It also censured schools that encouraged students to distrust their parents.

This unfortunate incident lays bare the increasingly hostile climate pervading discussions around gender and education. The line separating respectful disagreement and violence in America seems to be vanishing. Yet, public figures like Sonja Shaw continue to fight for the principles they believe in, regardless of the threats and intimidation they face.