Sen. Scott: America ‘Just Better Off’ Under Trump

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), in a recent interview on “Fox News Sunday,” expounded on how much greater America was during Donald Trump’s term. He didn’t just speak in partisan platitudes — he brought receipts.

Conflict and war have greatly escalated worldwide under the Biden Administration, per Sen. Scott: “The one thing that is completely clear is when President Trump was in office, world peace was not only objective — but we were experiencing it.”

Sen. Scott pointed out that during President Biden’s term, the Ukraine situation has escalated from an incursion to a full Russian invasion. Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan would have been an orderly affair under Trump. Americans would not have been left behind, along with literally billions in cash and thousands of military weapons. Conflict in the Middle East has escalated on Biden’s watch, while Trump has been nominated four times for the Noble Peace Prize based on his work on the Abraham Accords.

Furthermore, Sen. Scott pointed out the dire mass immigration crisis that is also the handiwork of President Biden: “…our southern border might be, in my opinion, the greatest national security risk we have today … President Biden refuses to close our southern border. And it is the No. 1 issue according to the American people.”

The open borders have also led to an American fentanyl crisis. Drug cartels smuggle the deadly opioid from China to Mexico, then to the U.S. via the waves of immigrants. Sen.

Scott reminded viewers that 70,000 people have died from fentanyl overdose.

Regarding the economy, Sen. Scott pointed out that unemployment under Trump was at low levels not seen for decades, especially among minority groups: “We’re talking demographically for Hispanics, for African-Americans, for Asians, for women a 70-year low.”

Inflation has skyrocketed under Biden, and mortgage interest rates have soared to 30-year highs, putting homes out of reach for many middle-class Americans.

America’s crime crisis — notably in blue states — was yet another black mark on Biden cited by Sen. Scott: ”…there weren’t the challenges that we’re seeing in the poorest communities around the country. We had the kind of law and order where people could walk the streets in their neighborhoods.”

Senator Scott, like Trump’s presidential rival Nikki Haley, hails from South Carolina. He has formally endorsed Donald Trump and is rumored to be a top contender for Trump’s 2024 vice presidential running mate.