‘The View’ Hosts Attack Their Own Network Over Positive Poll For Trump

The co-hosts of ABC’s talk show “The View” were outraged on Monday after learning of a Washington Post/ABC News poll showing that former President Donald Trump was up ten points over President Joe Biden.

The poll released on Sunday showed Trump with a ten-point lead over Biden — while many respondents expressed concern about Biden’s age, as well as his handling of the economy and illegal immigration. The survey showed that Biden’s approval rating was 37%, while his disapproval rating was 56%. In contrast, respondents were asked about their opinion of how Trump handled his presidency — with 48% expressing approval and 49% disapproval.

This data prompted the co-hosts of “The View” to air their grievances during Monday’s broadcast — which included attacking the pollsters, insisting that the data was wrong and demanding that the mainstream media get better with its “messaging” to destroy Trump’s chances in the 2024 election.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who claims to be a Republican but is in constant agreement with her leftist co-hosts, tried to downplay the results — insisting that the poll was “an outlier.”

However, Griffin did concede that Biden definitely has some weak points going into his reelection campaign — pointing to his consistently low job approval ratings, his advanced age and concerns about his cognitive decline.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then jumped in to attack Trump — claiming that the poll means nothing because Trump’s trials haven’t begun yet.

Meanwhile, co-host Ana Navarro tried to smear the individuals who conducted the poll — suggesting that the pollsters were “high” when they did the survey, despite several other polls showing a decline in support for Biden and a rise in support for Trump.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then chimed in with an attack on the press for not pushing enough anti-Trump, pro-Biden propaganda — claiming that the mainstream media had not done enough to dissuade people from voting for Trump. She went on to argue that if the media was better at “messaging,” Trump would have no support left.

Hostin then jumped in with a legal note that the network demanded she read — which required her to admit that the people polled were not “high,” as Navarro claimed earlier in the segment.