US Navy’s STEM ‘Equity’ Program Is Race Biased

The U.S. Navy a project that purports to “equitably” increase the number of students interested in serving in the Navy’s STEM fields prioritized recruiting minority students, according to the Daily Caller.

The woke project includes a price tag of more than $750,000.

To encourage students to pursue degrees in fields of science, technology, economics and math (STEM) so the U.S. military can compete with adversaries in technological development, the University of Missouri-Kansas City came up with a plan.

Framed as providing an opportunity for all students to break into the STEM fields based on the student’s qualifications, the Navy granted a budget to include 75 scholarships for underrepresented minority students.

Minority students were also given first selection for the few on-campus paid research internships created by the program.

All told, the proposal will have an estimated 44% to 75% participation by minority students.

According to the proposal, “Implementation of this innovative program will increase the number of STEM students from diverse backgrounds who gain competitive skills and real-world experience in Naval priority areas, who graduate with STEM degrees, and who join the STEM workforce.”

“The Navy funding will support the development of competency-based research skills training courses, provide financial aid for historically underserved students, and offer paid internships for summer research experiences in any of the four research areas,” according to the UMKC website.

Initially limited to $750,000, the program “was approved to submit a budget over the $750,000 limit per Dr. Marielle Hjelm on 6 October 2020. The rationale for this budget extension is to include additional Underrepresented in STEM Tuition Scholarships for students interested in enrolling in RST courses.”

Titled “Equity Forward Workforce Development Pipeline for Naval STEM Superiority” the project was budgeted for $758,280 overall.

The Navy’s attempt to attract more recruits, however, may have a fatal flaw. It’s woke. Wokeness may very well be a major factor in the military’s record recruitment shortage.

In 2023, the military branches fell short of their recruiting goals by approximately 41,000 recruits, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee about the causes behind the shortfall, Republicans focused on a 2023 poll that suggests the problem is that the military has become “the administration’s next social justice project.”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said before the committee, “This poll, which we can all read, found that 735 of veterans believe the U.S. military has become too political, regarding race and gender. Even worse, a quarter of the veterans would tell young people not to enlist.”

The Army’s motto “Be All You Can Be” should be based on unfolding the individual’s full potential, not on identity politics

Excellence knows no color, economic background or gender. It is the same as it always has been. It’s what heroes are made of.

Young people who join the military are looking for excellence — not equity. Throwing money at woke policies isn’t working. It never will.