What: Illegal Immigrants NOT SATISFIED With Temperatures And Free Food?

While Democrats cater to illegal immigrants’ needs by housing them in nice hotels, free transportation and providing free food, they will have a difficult time giving in to their latest complaint: America’s too cold.

As most of the country prepared for winter, illegal immigrants were left stunned by the freezing temperatures.

“The cold is too much,” said Gabriel Diaz, who traveled from Venezuela to Chicago.

Another Venezuelan immigrant said the same, stating that the cold was “excessive.”

It’s not just the cold illegal immigrants have a problem with. They also have an issue with the food choices New York City provides.

The illegals that were placed in the Roosevelt Hotel had free food provided for them. To show their thanks, they decided to not eat it, resulting in thousands of meals being tossed out.

According to the New York Post, more than 70,000 meals were thrown away between October 22 and November 22. It was also reported that 5,000 meals were thrown out in just one day.

Illegal immigrant Johana Roa, 23, stated that the free food was not to her liking.

“The breakfast they give us is very sweet,” she said. “They give us pancakes, donuts and cookies for breakfast at 6 am. It is too sweet to give to my daughter, so I just take a few things. Nothing healthy apart from eggs and fruit, apples and oranges. No oats.”

While lots of good food is being thrown out, thousands of homeless and underprivileged Americans go hungry. They would have been grateful to have a nice meal. It sounds like illegal immigrants feel that they are too privileged to eat whatever is provided for them.

Instead of eating the free food provided to them, thanks to the American taxpayer, illegal immigrants are going out and buying their food, meaning that they can afford to feed themselves.

Many Americans took to X to share their frustrations with the entitlement that illegal immigrants have.

Liberacrat Media invited Biden supporters to place signs up so illegals would know where to get free food and shelter.

Last month, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of sending illegal immigrants on buses “without shoes, cold, wet, tired” and “hungry.” When heading to a new place, especially a new country, one would think that those traveling would do their own research or even be grateful for the hospitality.