GOP Again Demands Yellen Hand Over Suspicious Activity Reports

House Republicans appear dead set on digging the truth out of allegations that President Joe Biden and his family are immersed in an international bribery scandal. Now their attention is directed at Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY), fired off a letter to Yellen on Wednesday demanding her cooperation in providing documents relevant to the investigation.

Specifically, the committee asked for “all suspicious activity reports (SARs) related to Burisma executives & entities to help further our investigation into the Biden bribery scheme.”

Republicans noted that the FBI stonewalled investigations into the allegations, but that day is over.

Of course, Yellen and federal agencies in general have been slow to respond to House queries, if they respond at all. That explains the demanding tone by GOP members seeking these potentially explosive materials.

Comer referenced the June 2020 unclassified FBI record that cited a “highly-trusted” human source alleging then-Vice President Joe Biden both solicited and received a bribe for certain policy actions.

This, he declared, was met with bureau indifference. That led House Republicans to “have no confidence that the FBI did anything to verify the allegations.

Indeed, Comer asserted that the evidence may have been “intentionally withheld” during the Hunter Biden tax investigation. He cited an IRS whistleblower who testified that this “critical evidence was withheld” from government agents probing the president’s son.

Those investigators, according to the chairman, have since revealed that they had access to “potentially corroborating evidence.” The whistleblower told the House Ways and Means Committee that agents had email correspondence from May 2014 referencing a $5 million payment.

But their hands were tied.

Comer took the gloves off with the demand for records. He stated that Yellen “must” hand over these records to assist the committee in its work.

Members are following the trail of evidence into Biden family wrongdoing in relation to Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and other international entities. The trail also leads to China, Romania, and other foreign actors.

The Republican said the materials are necessary to determine whether foreign powers targeted the president’s family, whether Biden is compromised, and if “national security is threatened.”

The letter from Comer specifically requests all pertinent SARs from April 2014 to the present be handed over no later than July 12.