Pro-Palestinian Protesters Demand Cancelation Of TPUSA Event At University Of Washington

Prior to Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder and CEO Charlie Kirk’s scheduled appearance at the University of Washington (UW) on Tuesday students and representatives of a “liberation” encampment on campus demanded that the event be canceled. The protesters claimed that Kirk and TPUSA would be “endangering students” by hosting the event.

Fliers placed around campus accused Kirk of being a “Zionist,” “white supremacist” and “Christian nationalist.” The posters urged students to gather their peers to “disrupt oppose and reject” Kirk’s appearance.

More than a hundred students are currently participating in the “liberation zone” by camping in the Seattle campus quad. The protesters have demanded that the university “Divest from Israel and profiteers of genocide” “Cut ties with Boeing” and “End repression of pro-Palestine students faculty and staff.”

Despite the opposition Kirk’s event proceeded as planned. However, violent clashes broke out between Antifa militants and TPUSA supporters resulting in injuries and property damage. The university has stated that campus police are investigating the incidents and gathering evidence.

The controversy surrounding Kirk’s appearance at UW highlights the ongoing tensions between pro-Palestinian activists and conservative student organizations on college campuses across the country.