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Thank you so much for choosing to spend time with us here at The Conservative View. While our name speaks to a certain group of people, the reality is that we are completely dedicated to far, unbiased reporting — something we find is harder and harder to come by these days.

The Conservative View’s Mission

We ourselves are often overwhelmed by the myriad of issues going on in the world around us each day. We are exhausted by the drama, the negativity, and the outright lies we’re sometimes told. Our mission is to make sure the average American is armed with the information necessary to uphold their traditional values — whether that’s via community action, on election day, or with a choice on how/where to spend your dollars.

Our Incredible Team

We spent a lot of time searching far and wide for the perfect group of journalists, researchers, fact-checkers, and editors. We hope you are as pleased with the crew we’ve put together as we are. Each day these talented individuals start early, combing through hundreds of news stories in search of the ones that stand to have the most impact on our day to day lives.

No one here works alone. As a team, we are better able to bounce ideas off of each other, explore the potential impact of an American or geopolitical event, and figure out exactly which stories may be most useful to you as you go about your lives.

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