Editorial Policy

We are incredibly proud of our rockstar team of writers and editors. That said, The Conservative View was formed around a core set of values that we hold near and dear. This includes a firm guide in the form of our editorial policy — something we refuse to compromise on. The following are just some of the standards our team must adhere to each and every day.

No Competing Interests

The majority of our team members have been around the block a few times. That means they’re familiar with the political landscape, have had contact with a myriad of sources, and have built close relationships. That can, for some people, create conflicts of interest. Everyone on our team is required to disclose any potential competing or conflicting interest as they may apply to an assigned story. The interest will either be disclosed, or the writer will be assigned to a different story. Hey, we may even avoid it altogether.

Peer Review

Every article we publish goes through an internal peer review process. We blindly assign every article to a group of individuals who were not involved in the writing or research process. This gives them the opportunity to review each piece as if they were a regular reader, asking questions or demanding clarification where necessary.

Retractions and Corrections

If we mess up, we’ll own up to it. We’ll gladly retract incorrect information or issue the appropriate, transparently reported upon correction. It’s important to us that you know we’re serious about our jobs and what we are here to do for you. No excuses. 

Contact Us

We hope you’ll become a part of our editorial process by letting us know what you’re happy with, what you hate, or what you simply think we could have done better. We’re human and won’t shy away if you find a mistake we missed. Simply reply to a newsletter or send us an email with your questions, comments, or concerns. We assure you we will read each message and take them seriously.