Nikki Haley: China Preparing For War With US

Republican 2024 presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has expressed serious concerns about China’s military buildup, asserting that the country has been preparing for war with the United States for decades.

The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.) unveiled a proposal to address China’s actions, emphasizing the growing strength of China’s military in contrast to US complacency. Haley highlighted the significant disparity in naval fleets, with China currently possessing the largest fleet in the world with 340 ships compared to the United States’s 293.

She warned that China is projected to have 400 ships within two years, while the U.S. will struggle to reach 350 even in two decades. Furthermore, she raised concerns about China’s development of hypersonic missiles, outpacing the U.S. in areas such as cyber, artificial intelligence, and space capabilities.

Haley also expressed concern about the rise of “woke culture” within the United States military, juxtaposing it against China’s modernization efforts in military technologies. She referred to China as an enemy and asserted that it poses the most significant foreign threat the U.S. has faced since World War II.

She proposed limiting trade relations with China and tightening restrictions on Chinese investments in the U.S. China’s response to Haley’s proposal was sharp, with a spokesperson from the Chinese embassy in Washington D.C. stating that pushing American companies to leave China would violate economic laws and be detrimental to everyone’s interests.

The spokesperson dismissed Haley’s rhetoric as mere election campaign smearing and blame-shifting. Apart from trade and investment restrictions, Haley also suggested bolstering America’s defense capabilities as part of the strategy to address China’s military buildup.

She stressed the urgency of addressing the issue promptly, warning that postponing action would only result in more significant challenges in the future. During her tenure as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2018, Haley became known for her strong criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party.

Currently, she is polling in fourth place among the 2024 GOP presidential contenders, according to the latest RealClearPolitics poll. As the 2024 presidential race progresses, Haley’s views on China and her proposed policies will likely continue to garner attention and debate within the political sphere.

With China’s military expansion and the evolving dynamics of U.S.-China relations, the issue of how to address the Asian giant’s ambitions is expected to remain a critical topic of discussion for both policymakers and the American public.