NY Taxpayers Facing $20 Million Monthly To Pay For Migrants

Taxpayers of New York will now pay $20 million each month to hold migrants on Randall’s Island. That would equate to about $10,000 per migrant if the facility fills all 2,000 beds. A state source sent documents and internal emails to the press.

Just off the coast of Manhattan, one of the four migrant housing facilities is situated. The state completely sponsors these facilities. This is their response to being at capacity with the increased amount of migrants flooding into the state.

Last week, Mayor Eric Adams (NYC-D) said the city’s migrant crisis would likely cost a staggering $12 billion over the next several years. He stated, “We are past our breaking point.” He continues, “It amounts to $9.8 million per day, almost $300 million a month, and nearly $3.6 billion a year.”

Since spring 2022, around 100,000 men, women, and children seeking refuge have traveled to NYC. Over 57,000 individuals reside in 198 emergency shelters. The overwhelming increase has spilled into Manhattan streets, where hundreds slept outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown two weeks ago.

Local business owners spoke out about the migrant crisis in New York City. Sources online have posted photos of migrants crowding the sidewalks in Manhattan. The owner of a Menswear Brand stated in an interview, “It has really, really, really, affected us. This is not a residential area; this is a business area.”

The store owner also said an average Friday would see around “5,000 customers or orders.” Now it has dropped to “less than 500.” He adds that if his boss notices the heaviness of the situation, “he’s going to close the store, and then I don’t have a job.”

A local jewelry store owner also commented about the issue, “It’s very bad. It’s terrible. It’s a bad image for business.” They continue, “People don’t want to come around here, and I don’t blame them. In the morning, it’s messy, cans, food, everything. We have to clean it up. They sit in front of the entrance, and I have to ask them to move.”

The choice to place migrant males on certain Randall’s Island soccer fields has also sparked controversy. Some have spoken out against the plan. A petition has been circulating to block the utilization of youth soccer fields for the massive facility.

Floyd Bennet Field, a former military airfield in Brooklyn, was also on the list of state-funded shelters. Although, White House officials didn’t want to sign off on the proposal over the weekend, resulting in a setback. The federal government says the field plan needs to be reviewed more closely.