Facebook Files Confirm Biden Administration Sees Public As Uninformed

Newly revealed emails confirm that President Joe Biden’s White House urged Facebook for increased censorship in 2021, reinforcing the administration’s view that Americans are gullible.

As part of the “Facebook Files” series, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) unveiled additional communications extracted from Facebook. These documents shed light on the substantial pressure exerted by the executive branch to restrict online content visible to Americans.

The correspondence reveals that Courtney Rowe, who was the then-White House director of strategic communications and engagement for Covid-19 response, commended Facebook in April 2021 for providing the White House with data on content suppression categorized by region and demographics.

However, in the same email, she inquired about collaborating with the big tech company to counteract such content, expressing concern that individuals in rural Arkansas perceive Facebook content as absolute truth.

In April 2021, Rob Flaherty, Biden’s former director of digital strategy, forwarded multiple requests to Facebook for content suppression, particularly targeting right-wing commentators and publications.

According to Flaherty, media outlets like the Daily Wire are considered “polarizing” and lack the status of “authoritative news sources.”

Acting on behalf of the White House, Flaherty urged Facebook to diminish the visibility of the New York Post, which had previously published articles on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and the alleged Biden family corruption six months prior.

Flaherty settled on the idea of persuading Facebook to remove individuals from the social media platform as his preferred approach to regulating online speech.

He said, “We’re keen on what platforms are doing to reduce the spread of bad information, that platforms are not funneling people towards bad content. That’s our primary concern.”

The content moderators at the Silicon Valley company clarified that they couldn’t eliminate every user or post flagged by the White House. However, they eventually consented to reduce the visibility of specific posts, even if those posts did not directly breach Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Exploiting the censorship infrastructure against Americans is not the sole instance in which Biden and his fellow Democrats have indicated their perception that Americans lack discernment and independent thinking abilities.

As far back as 1988, Biden was openly conveying to voters that they lacked the qualifications to challenge him directly.

In a well-known incident, then-Sen. Biden famously asserted to a voter who inquired about his misrepresentations regarding his academic history, “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect.”