Report: Biden Support Plummets Among Working-Class Voters

If embattled President Joe Biden needed more bad news about his sinking administration, he just received it. His base of support is even eroding among a traditional strength — non-White voters without a college degree.

In a surprising report, Axios made it clear that the Democrat is struggling to save his position with a constituency that he once could count on.

Biden’s party has had some success making inroads with suburban and upper-middle-class voters, but even that momentum appears to be short-lived. And blue-collar voters of all stripes are flocking to the Republican Party.

The outlet noted that political strategists have long keyed on White, working-class voters who are drawn to former President Donald Trump.

But Democrats see a troubling slip in support from their historical base, and this does not bode well for 2024. Could it be that this demographic is not sold on the woke leftist agenda of the White House and its remaining supporters?

In the latest New York Times/Siena poll released last week, Biden could not even gain a majority from non-White voters without a college degree. His lead over Trump in this key demographic was only 49% to 33%.

This is a constituency that for years tilted dramatically to the Democratic side, but that gap is quickly closing. For example, in the last presidential election, Biden won by a stunning 48-point margin.

Obama won that sector by a 67-point margin in his 2012 reelection year.

For Biden, who is his party’s presumptive nominee despite a push from RFK Jr., capturing this vote by a much wider margin is critical. In 2020, he toned down his progressive rhetoric and attempted to run as a moderate alternative to Trump.

That likely scored points within this demographic.

But there is no hiding the sharp left turn Biden took once he was sworn into office. His administration championed far-left causes that may play well with White progressives, but not so much in the non-White working class.

After all, this community bears the brunt of the nation’s crime wave that Democrats cannot or will not address. It is also far less likely to be sympathetic to radical gender ideology and the transgender craze sweeping American leftists.