UFC’s White Confirms Negotiations About Musk-Zuckerberg Colosseum Fight

Although both parties have agreed to take part in the fight, there are still plenty of details to work out before the world can watch a mixed martial arts cage fight between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and X CEO Elon Musk.

One of the biggest variables involves the location of such a fight. For his part, Musk has suggested live-streaming the event on his social media platform — previously known as Twitter — and recommended the Octagon in Las Vegas as a venue.

A more iconic location would be the ancient Colosseum in Rome, and reports indicate that Italian officials have offered the space for a Musk-Zuckerberg fight. For his part, UFC President Dana White appears partial to this venue and confirmed that he had been in talks with the Italian minister of culture about the possibility.

“We’re talking,” he said during a recent podcast interview.

White indicated that the event, which he described as “the kind of fight your f—ing grandmother would watch,” could bring in a staggering $1 billion or more with proper promotion.

“Think about how big that fight is — two of the richest, most powerful guys in the f—ing world are going to fight on the biggest stage ever,” he explained. “Who the f— doesn’t want to see that fight?”

He has previously pushed back against claims that Musk appeared to be backing off from his previous commitment.

“Is Elon ducking?” White asked rhetorically during a recent news conference. “No. You’re talking about two of the richest, most powerful guys in the world. You’re talking about a couple of eccentric billionaires. If you look at what it takes to put a fight together between two professional fighters, who do it for a living … nobody’s ducking anybody.”

Of course, Musk did offer a recent health update, advising that he “may require surgery before the fight can happen,” noting that he would be undergoing an MRI of his neck and upper back for an assessment.

While the cage match would likely attract a record audience, some critics say it is not a good idea.

For his part, UFC fighter Nate Diaz said: “I don’t think they should fight. I think they should be nice to each other. They should do something with fighting, but they don’t need to be fighting.”